Vacuum Ejectors: Their Phases


Now let’s talk about the first configuration known as the single phase. This is basically the type that we have already talked about. You will have a single input and output as well as a single throat to restrict the flow of the air. This single set will only constrict the air once.

As you might have already imagined, this isn’t so efficient and doesn’t provide a lot of control over the flow of the air and, therefore, creation of the vacuum. The most commonly found vacuum ejectors will be single phased.


Multiphase best vacuum ejectors are, well, multiphase. As their name suggests, they have multiple phases and can be thought of as containing multiple single phases. To put it simply, a multiphase has 2, 3 (or more) single phase vacuum generator sections connected from end to end.

Multiphase, obviously, provide a lot more control over the vacuum generation process because the air can be restricted and, therefore, controlled multiple times. This also means that the multiphase are way more efficient than the single phase vacuum generator.


Vacuum ejectors are fairly simple and are very efficient at what they are designed for. Unfortunately not many people really understand the working behind this product despite the simple design and their working principle.

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CNC Milling – What Does This Mean to Manufacturers?

The Acronym CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and essentially involves the use of computers to control machines. CNC Milling refers to the concept of sending computerized signals to parts to the machine to carry out different functions.

For This milling concept to be successful, designs are specified using CAD tools and these designs are then translated into instructions on how the drill needs to move to create the required shape.

The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of CNC Milling and also highlight some applications of this concept in today’s world.


Applications of CNC Milling

CNC Milling is present in most industries nowadays and this article aims to highlight some of these industries and its purpose in them.


Automobile Industry:

From the making of gear boxes to clutch discs and even body parts, the role of CNC milling in the production of cars is practically visible in various stages. Automobile manufacturers engage this milling technology in most processes that involve metal cutting. This is made possible by the level of accuracy that comes with using this technology.

In the creation of identical motor parts for instance, CNC Milling machines are programmed to cut away irrelevant parts and once the prototypes are generated, the designs can be computerized and then sent to the machines which will be largely involved in the mass production process.

It is fair to say that there is no car in modern times that has not benefited from this technology and this will continue to be the case going forward especially as our vehicle designs become more creative and sophisticated.


Manufacturing Industry:

Manufacturers actively apply CNC Milling technology in either creating their prototypes or mass producing the prototypes. This technology has vastly improved processes within the manufacturing industry as nowadays designs can easily be created on computers and sent out as instructions to the machine for cutting. Mass production of guns, jewelries and even printed circuit boards have largely been made possible by CNC Milling technology. This has really improved production speed over the years and is likely to continue doing so as the technology becomes even more advanced.

Metal Cutting Industry:

It is hard to imagine the world’s metal cutting industry without CNC milling. This Milling technology forms an integral part in metal cutting today and has paved the way for the production of a vast range of finished inventions which have essentially made life easier for us. This Milling technology is greatly used in cutting and fabricating metal parts either from solid state, from pre machined forms or even from castings and forgings. I’ve personally tried one CNC milling service and that was Ezis Craft, it’s a fairly new enterprise, but got the job done and I’m happy with them.

In whichever major industry you find yourself, you are likely to find one CNC Milling operation or another. From the production of cars to cutting of guns, it is hard to imagine an effective world without the presence of the concept of CNC Milling today. For a concept that’s widely accepted like this, it can only continue to advance in all ramifications rather than collapse.

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remote control trucks

Having fun with Remote Control Trucks

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing someone in your life happy. Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to predict what is going to make them happy. One thing that is sure to make anyone in your life happy, from children to adults, is a remote control truck. Remote control trucks are amazing especially for a young teen that needs some entertainment. There is a wide array of remote control trucks and they all have different specs and strength. Some are fast, some are average, and some are even modeled after actual truck models. There are remote control monster trucks for collectors, or children, anyone of any age can be entranced by the awesome power behind a remote control car. There are an amazing amount of cars to choose from, at any size, color and budget.

Finding the right remote control truck can be a bit challenging, especially if you’re looking for a specific model, or for one with specific specs. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of ways to choose from the masses; there are usually customer reviews that will allow you to know if a product is as good as it says it is. There are different models, and some are made specifically for adult collectors while others are made for children. Finding just the right remote control truck is extremely important, it would help you ensure that you have maximum happiness for the individual you’re buying it for. Using reviews, and knowing specs will help you get the best remote control truck you can find.

Remote control trucks are perfect for just about any occasion, no matter what you’re going to do. You can entertain children at a party by having them chase a faster car, or you could give one as a gift for a birthday party. The possibilities are endless when you have a remote control truck on your side. When you look carefully at the reviews and specifications, you can pick the one just right for you for the price right for you. With remote control trucks, you can bring happiness to the people around you easily, simply by getting a remote control truck. It’s important to look at all the details when you’re looking into getting a remote control truck.

If you’re looking to make people around you happy, its best to get the best remote control truck you can find. Looking through reviews, specs, and reviewing models and colorations is sure to get you the best remote control truck for your event. There are many variations of remote control truck and finding the best one for you can be difficult, but when you know what to look for it makes it a much easier decision. Remote control trucks can be fast or slow, large or small, any size shape and color. Gas RC Cars tend to be a cheaper in the long run. Instead of trying to entertain at an event, or giving a gift that someone may not like, get a remote control truck instead, it’ll be appreciated and will be the focal point of any occasion. Swell rc has made a nice list of these cars. Go check them out.

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The Short Guide to Computer Stores Language


Have you ever gone to a computer store by yourself? Be it your local BestBuy or any computer stores, it can be a pretty annoying experience since pretty much everyone of their employees are self proclaimed “tech experts”.  Especially if you don’t understand what they are talking about, that’s when you start to say yes to everything they are going to say. In today’s post I am going to teach you the short guide to computer stores “language”.

Most of my relatives and friends usually ask me to go with them whenever they want to buy something that smells technology. I tend to hate those call of favors, but over time I realized that their naggings have made me learn so much without actually shelling out any cash. Anyhow, let’s continue to today’s main topic:

Learning the Language

Firstly, I have to say that not all employees are as annoying as the ones I knew. If you are lucky, you might find someone very helpful too. But if you don’t want to get tricked, you have to learn their “language”.


In every decent computer store, there should be a specifications list for the computer you are going to buy. It is usually written in a paper attached near the display product. Just look for the words: processor, motherboard, hardisks, in a small paper and you will know what I mean.

What they really mean: (In brief)

One of my friends have a really weird technique in knowing what is good and what is not. “Price sets quality”, he once said to me after showing a $1200 (actually $800 from a research I made) laptop he just bought. Well sure, of course price always means quality in any kind of market in the world, but what if the items are set overpriced by itself? For your wallet’s sake, don’t try that method. Please.

First you have to know that there are 2 major brands for processors: Intel and AMD
Do not accept anything other than those two!
If you are seeing the word Intel, then search for ones that have an i(3, 5 or 7) in front of it. That way at least you won’t be screwed over a 5 years old computer. Any computers with a processor of the i(3, 5 or 7) series shouldn’t cost you too much, especially if you are only looking to buy it for office works. About $1000 should be the maximum for most of you.
Intel Core i3s are a dual core and the cheapest (lowest performance too). Office works anyone?
Intel Core i5s can be a dual core or a quad core and serves the medium range in both cost and performance. Desktop replacements anyone?
Intel Core i7s are definitely not worth the money if you won’t do anything you think as “heavy duty” in your computer. They are the most expensive so if you found one cheaper than the ones with i5 or i3 then get it!
If you are seeing the word AMD, ask the employees for the newest arrivals (and when he brings you to them), do avoid the word Turion or Athlons. They are several generations old and you don’t want them.
AMD computers are usually cheaper than Intel’s so about $800 should be maximum for most users.

Graphics Card

This is quite hard to explain briefly, so you might want to ignore this entirely if you don’t want to learn too much. Graphics Card is the main factor beside processor that enables you to play games. So you should probably learn them properly and not briefly.

Anyways if you are looking to actually game, you want to search for the words AMD and Nvidia. Try to avoid anything with Intel HD Graphics XXXX. They are quite weak and only powerful enough to play some less graphic intensive games (Don’t expect to play anything above Counter Strikes or Left 4 Dead).
Don’t accept anything over $1000 even if you want to play Crysis 2 or something like that, you probably won’t need it!
Useful graphics card guides can be found at for laptops and here is a very useful in-depth guide at Toms’ Hardware for desktop graphics card.


Search for 4GB or 8GB. 2GBs are definitely not enough for lag free experience so get 4GB or more. If they offer you 16GB of memory, don’t accept it, they tend to be overpriced for customers that like a lot of numbers in their computers. You won’t ever use that much anyways, I have 8 GB and only 6 GB is ever used.


This one is easy, all of you should know what they mean. They are the storage space for all your files so go pick 500GB or more if you can! Also, look for the words 7200 RPM for faster file transfers and faster boot-ups.
If you have some extra money in your budget, you might want to pick SSD offerings (usually promoted heavily as ultrabooks). They are basically a much, much faster hardisks though space limited (128GB or 256GB). If the computer have an SSD a reasonable price will be around $1200. They are safer to buy since most of them are new (2012 products).


The display is very important since they are all you are going to directly see anyways. 1366 x 768 is the minimum resolution I’m going to set, so go search for 1440 x 900 , 1680 x 1050 and 1920 x 1020 ones.
If you are getting a 14″ screen or below then 1440 x 900 is usually the highest you can get.
That’s it! Skip all other categories because these are the main important ones. You should be able to select a computer yourself now. Keep in mind that for the same level of performance, laptops will always be more expensive than huge ass desktops. Always. So don’t be surprised when you find laptops with similar configurations to their counterparts much more expensive (about $300-$400 difference).
Also, the Intel i3,i5 and i7 have reached their third generation called “Ivy Bridge”. Go ask them around if they have them sold at the store. If you can’t find any “Ivy Bridge” then settle with the term “Sandy Bridge”. They are the second generation and are not too bad if you must have your computer right away.
For a more economical approach, see my post about building your own PC! (Starting from $400)

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